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Apr 27, 2016

They are always exciting and fun. We got to talk with a few friends and found a great spot to to visit when you in Shem Creek. It might not be new but it's new to me. This is the follow up to the MPP episode and you will get a little info on the bar itself this week. We will also answer that age old question Who the hell is James Beard and why does he have and award. Find the RB's menu and contact information at Before we end the hour we are going to talk with Amanda and Nevan about Improv classes with Theater 99. Come spend the next hour with us.

The view from out table

Interview with Amanda and Nevan

Apr 13, 2016

Grab your favorite munchies because we are talking about pot on this episode. The view and the service RB's Seafood on Shim Creek were more than expected but we will go more in depth on that in two week. For this episode we are going to tell you what Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) is and what they are doing that could benefit you here is South Carolina. 


Some of the links mentioned in the episode:

Know The Law

Mar 28, 2016

What can I say about the people of Charleston? They are doing amazing things everyday and we pass by each other going through our routine not even know about it. On this episode we are going to introduce you to a couple of locals that are using the internet and technology to leave their mark on Charleston.


We will stop by Madra Rua Irish Pub in Park Circle where I met Joseph Brugeman who developed an app that is going to help out bars and patrons. It's called Pubr and it is Charleston exclusive for the moment.

Pubr app


We also grab lunch with Amber from Slim Pickin's Kitchen. After a pretty good turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce and potato salad, at Charleston Bakery & delicatessen, Amber tells us all about her blog and the different types of recipes you will find on her website. Did you know you can get paid to blog? She will tell you how.


Brendan Pugh

Lets not forget about our musical guest. I found Brendan Pugh on Reverbnation and thought that the rest of Charleston needs to hear him sing his song King Street. Thanks for listening and if you like what we are doing I would love to see your rating and review on iTunes.

Mar 2, 2016

Ever wonder what Prohibition was like? I'm not sure about back in the day but if you head downtown to 547 King St. you will be surrounded with sounds, sights and drinks that make you feel like you might have been transported back to the 1920's. Follow along as James tells us all about what goes on throughout the week. We also squeeze in a little conversation about a local brewery. 

Feb 16, 2016

I think we have a good show for you this week. Fresh from the wine tasting in the last episode we will start talking about a popular series on Netflix. Listen and let us know if you have watched it yet. We also have a nice little conversation about tipping at a fine dining restaurants. I'm really excited about the music too. I traveled all the way to Mt. Pleasant where I caught Smoking Guns and they introduced me to Lord Nelson. You get to hear a few songs throughout the podcast and interviews with the bands too.

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Accent On Wine


Smoking Guns

Feb 2, 2016

This episode left me fuzzy the next day and I know I wasn't the only one. We traveled out to Park Circle and meet with Hal from Accent On Wine. The atmosphere was great and the wines didn't have that harsh after taste. Guess what, they have beer too!! Between the jokes and the laughter I think we even fit in some great info on wine too. I'll be back to check the patio out when the nice weather hits for sure. As always if you have a place for us to visit or a comment on something we said please message us on Facebook or send audio and video messages to

Jan 19, 2016

Aaron screwed up! You won't believe what he did but you have to click the play button to find out what. We can tell you that listeners will find out the secret to the sauce in the cheeseburger taco and I will point out a few people on Go Fund Me that don't deserve your money. The smooth sounds of Perth on the Dobro. Follow us on Facebook at  Chucktown Bar Chat. Questions Comment and concerns can be emailed in audio, video at ChucktownBar

Jan 5, 2016

December was a busy month but we managed to get everyone together at Voodoo Tiki Bar. We rave about some food and toss back a few really great shots but we get the inside scoop on the lunacy party, not to mention Perth Palmer on the Dobro or our regular rants and raves. Don't for get to find our Facbook page Chucktown Bar Chat.


voodoo tiki bar

Dec 15, 2015

This week we are picking up where we left of at The Green Goat. We get to speak to a couple local musicians. Matt Jordan from Trick Knee sits to talk with us after a song or two from Brandon Lamar Simmons. We even got our first recorded message from a listener. There was so much good conversation in this episode we had to go a little long but I think it's worth it. I hope you do too. If you like what you are hearing please like a our page Chucktown Bar Chat and leave us some feedback.




Dec 1, 2015

Welcome to the first episode with guests. We get to talk with Adrienne Leino from The Carolina Coonhound Rescue. Find out about some great events going on around the lowcountry in December and Jaclyn Smith tells you how to get a free drink this Sunday. For more info on how to help the toy drive you can email After you listen to the show don't forget to check swing by Reverbnation and check out more of Brandon's music.

Nov 9, 2015

Before we started inviting people to come talk on the show we wanted to do a practice run with just the two of us. In the next 45 minutes you will get to hear a few stories and meet the the hosts of CBC Kristen Murray & Aaron Trahan. We will tell you what to expect in future episodes and hopefully you can come say hello during one of the next recordings. Be sure to visit us at to keep up to date on the recording schedule.